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YZ04 Face recognition wing gate

YZ04 Face recognition wing gate
Model : YZ004人臉識別翼閘

YZ04 Face recognition wing gate

product description:

Product size: 1400 * 280 * 980MM

Material: All made of 304 stainless steel

Process: Laser cutting, CNC bending, fine grinding

Mechanical structure: accurate positioning, smooth operation, low noise

Circuit board: industrial-grade design, suitable for various places with heavy dust, heavy humidity, and large temperature changes

Basic parameters:

Traffic direction: two-way traffic

Movement power supply: DC24 ± 10%

Movement reliability: 5 million times without failure

Channel width: 570MM

Infrared sensor: Highly durable infrared sensor is used to accurately determine the pedestrian walking condition

Light reminder: After swiping a valid card, give the green arrow traffic instructions, concise and clear; after swiping an illegal card, the product immediately displays a red cross warning sign

Side (elevation) indicator: Yes

Card reader installation position: 2

Controller installation position: 1

Opening signal: relay signal input

Passing speed: about 30 people / minute

Mode selection: two modes: normally open / normally closed

Working environment: indoor, outdoor

The remaining instructions:

Several pairs of high-durability infrared sensors are used to effectively monitor the pedestrian's traffic conditions and make people pass the barrier.

The combined effect of mechanical clutch and infrared sensor can effectively prevent the door wing from being pinched, and it is safe and reliable, suitable for use in various places.

The speed of the product can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the actual use place, and the operation is simple.

Anti-backlash, reverse swipe card into the aisle, door wings immediately closed

With power-off door wing automatic opening function.

With LED direction prompt function when swiping card.

With automatic reset function, that is, after obtaining the permission to pass the brake, the product does not pass within the set time.

Waterproof, sun-proof, cold-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

Together with the face recognition system, the dynamic face recognition all-in-one machine can achieve effective access control management.

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