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ST004Speed gate

ST004Speed gate
Model : ST004速通門

product description:

ST004Speed gate

Product size: length 1400 * width 180 * height 980MM and other sizes

Material: All made of 304 stainless steel

Process: Laser cutting, CNC bending, fine grinding

Mechanical structure: anti-collision design, extremely high stability and low noise

Movement main body: a new type of combination of electromagnetic clutch and encoder

Circuit board: It has the advantages of accurate positioning, fast adjustment, and rich setting items.

Traffic direction: two-way traffic

Movement power supply: DC24 ± 10%

Movement reliability: 5 million times without failure

Channel width: 700MM or other sizes

Infrared sensor: Highly durable infrared sensor is used to accurately determine the pedestrian walking condition

Opening signal: relay signal input

Working environment: indoor

Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Humidity: 5% to 90%

Several pairs of highly durable infrared sensors are used to effectively monitor pedestrian traffic conditions.

The combined effect of mechanical clutch and infrared sensor can effectively prevent people from being pinched by the swing arm. It is safe and reliable and suitable for use in various places.

The swing arm speed can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the actual use place, and the operation is simple.

After power failure, the swing arm is in a non-resistance state and can be easily pushed, that is, in compliance with fire evacuation requirements; or customized automatic opening function after power failure.

With automatic reset function, that is, after obtaining the permission to pass the brake, the product does not pass within the set time.

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